Relocating with Children

Relocating to another country is both daunting and exhilarating, and for those that undertake such a move with children in tow, then doubly so. A common concern for parents is quality of schooling in the new country of residence, and standards can vary greatly between one country and another, and also within a single country with far flung locations away from the main hubs. Whilst local schools can be perfectly adequate, there are other options available to parents who want to ensure a consistent and high standard of education.

The International Primary School

The International Primary School specialises in providing a world class education to students in even the remotest locations, offering a 21st century solution to parents with remote or travelling lifestyles. Children get all the expert attention they deserve to create a solid foundation and a real love of learning. With access to innovative engaging resources that adapt to what is relevant to them and combining 21st century learning tools with one-to-one guidance, international curricular requirements and best practice standards are achieved and even exceeded.

The Flying Teachers

The Flying Teachers provides a teacher recruitment service for remote resorts worldwide. Guided homeschooling by qualified teachers allows for one-to-one personalised teaching by experts. Teachers are able to enjoy the opportunity to stay at a boutique resorts for free, and children do better than in most conventional schools. The Flying Teachers provide advice for elementary, secondary, tertiary and language education options for remote learners, and can help to ease any anxieties parents may have prior to relocation if necessary.

So, coming with children, or thinking of coming with children and concerned about ongoing education ? Check out these two options and it may help to ease your mind !!