Qamea Island-Large 101 Acre Plot For Sale

Entrance to Naiviivi Bay

Information on CT 28839 Lot 1 Plan 7355


Parcel is located on Qamea Island, Fiji and contains forty-one hectares two thousand one hundred eighty square meters. This is equivalent to 101.85 Acres. The property boundary is highlighted in yellow on Figure 1 below. The lot is located at the head of Naiviivi Bay and is cradled in a natural valley. One property boundary is year-round Buca Creek, so the land has excellent access to fresh water.

Title Map Figure No 1

The red area in Figure 2 identifies the approximate property location on a map of the Qamea and vicinity. This map is part of an original British naval survey of the area and uses the original spelling “Nggamea” for the island now known as Qamea.

Figure No 2

Qamea covers an area of 34 square kilometers (13.12 square miles). Its length is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles); its width varies from a few hundred meters to five kilometers (3.1 miles).

The island is characterized by open fields, high hills, some as much as 300 meters (984 feet) in height and valleys. Indigenous fauna survived better in Qamea than in many other areas of Fiji, as the mongoose was never introduced on Qamea.

Qamea’s Naiviivi Bay is known geographically as a hurricane hole – a natural shelter from hurricanes. That protection, something that is becoming progressively more important in a time of global climate change, also applies to the property for sale at the head of the bay.

There are six native villages on Qamea, Naiviivi, and Vatusogosogo are located in Naiviivi Bay. The others are Dreketi, Kocoma, Togo, and Waibulu.

It is often said in the world of real estate appraisal that value is directly related to location, location and location. This truism certainly applies to Qamea because it is located adjacent to two of the most luxurious resorts in Fiji. The following names are links to their websites: Matangi Private Island resort, and Laucala Resort (Press “home” button on link for video tour).

Now for a photo narrative of the property and surroundings:

Photo 1 – Satellite view of Qamea and vicinity

Google Map

Notice the blue lines around the lower area of the islands. These are coral reefs below the crystal-clear Fijian ocean water.

This satellite image also shows how pristine the area is. Most of the tropical forest is virgin, and other than a few resorts and homes, it is undeveloped. 


Short private Road on the property.

Many trails provide the alternate means of transportation on the property.

Buca Creek with wild ginger.

Property from Buca Creek area to North property line at ridge in distance.

Notice the dalo crops in the foreground. This is a staple in the native Fijian diet. This is very fertile land. 

Collection of plants growing on the subject property.

The tropical paradise is producing: Virgin jungle (with no predators larger than wasps), Papaya, Bananas, and Pineapple.

ASKING ONLY $370,000.00 US Dollars