Cottage with Two Lots On Taveuni Estates Now UNDER CONTRACT

We have two adjacent coconut studded residential lots with a readymade caretaker cottage up for grabs on Ratu Penaia Drive within Taveuni Estates.

The cottage lies on the roadside of lot 43 with driveway access already in place, and this extends up and around to a building platform and a 5,000 L reserve water tank on higher ground. The adjacent lot has a large building platform carved into the hill to take full advantage of the elevated position and fantastic views across the Somosomo Strait. Both building platforms are fully stabilized and ready to build on.

The caretaker cottage is quite basic: timber construction, deck frontage, interior space partitioned into a small living area and kitchen, with bedroom and bathroom facilities occupying the other half. There is also an outdoor shower area accessible from the bathroom, and a 500L water storage tank just above the cottage. Electrical wiring is in place – a generator or small solar setup would be sufficient to run lights and some basic appliances.  

Although this is a simple setup as it currently stands, with just a few dollars more it may already be perfect if you are seeking an off-the-grid bolthole to escape to and forget about the outside world. For those with grander plans than the cottage would provide a convenient temporary accommodation to oversee a construction project on either the top of Lot 43 or the larger building platform on Lot 44, and on completion revert to caretaker accommodation if required, or additional guest cottage.