Ocean Front Home on Taveuni Estates NOW SOLD

Eighteen years ago, my wife Karen and four other women came together on Taveuni to celebrate their 50th birthdays.  They fell in love with this 27 mile-long, 4-mile-wide Fiji Island with a 4,000-foot peak in its center.

It wasn’t just the beautiful sunsets across the Somosomo Straight with tropical islands in the background. It wasn’t just its world recognized soft coral diving and reef snorkeling or its gorgeous rain forest – waterfall hikes.  Nor was it the ambiance of seeing at the same time several rainbows in a tropical sky or experiencing warm rain on one side of the deck and clear skies on the other. It wasn’t just sitting on the deck watching moon tracks coming across the strait, or an evening night lit by the milky way. It was also the friendliness of the Fijians and the vibrant ex-pat community – people from around the world also looking for paradise – characters all.  Boring none.

Taveuni is an island with enough services (grocery stores, small airport, ferry service, fuel, medical etc.) to keep one comfortable but not to spoil paradise.  If you put all the resorts on the island together, they wouldn’t equal a mid-sized hotel on the main island.

As we approach our 70’s and 80’s it’s time to consolidate around our US roots.   We’ll always treasure the time spent on Taveuni.

Sere ni Wai is situated well above sea level with a spectacular west facing view overlooking the Somosomo Strait.  We have enjoyed many sunsets from our deck as the sun dropped behind Viti Levu Island with Koro Island to the south and Rabi to the north.

The house is designed to entertain. It is made up of three buildings connected by covered veranda – 419 M3 under roof in all. It’s three buildings are 92 M3 each – connected by 143 M3 of covered veranda. The center building has a full kitchen in one corner and a laundry and toilet in the other.  Most of the building is wide open space.

The two side buildings each contain two living units made up of a bed area, two steps up from a lounge area.  Each unit has its own full bath and closet – four living units in all.

Units are block construction with large louvered windows, designed to take advantage of Taveuni ’s natural wind patterns. Building floors are tile. High vaulted ceilings are made from native Fiji hard wood.  Windows are cyclone protected by steel decorative grates. Doors and sea facing widows are protected by cyclone shutters that swing down from under the veranda. Verandas are made from Vesi wood.

All units are furnished with custom made heart of raintree furniture.  Living units have canopy beds, nightstands, two open shelve units, two lounge chairs and a table. The main building features a large round table and ten chairs. It also has two couches, two easy chairs and a coffee table.  The kitchen has a large center table.

The main veranda comes with two dinner tables and eight chairs.

The garage and generator shed are separate from the main unit.  It is made up of a full car garage, solar controller and 7 solar panels, storage room and large generator area that houses a 12.5 KVA generator. 

This offer includes, furnishings, decorations, appliances, bedding, kitchen equipment and main generator – a fully equipped home.